Online Waiver

LWD Online Waiver

Participating in an online class is different to a face to face class with an Instructor. Whilst both are enjoyable, there is more responsibility on you as the participant to ensure you benefit from a safe and effective workout. Your instructor is not present to correct your technique or to see if you require support, therefore you need to ensure you are listening well, following instruction correctly and are safe throughout the entire class.

In reading the following information, you are agreeing that you have read and fully understand the statement and agree to it’s terms.

  • I accept that I am participating in a dance or fitness class with independent qualified Instructors teaching for LW Dance
  • I acknowledge the classes can consist of dance and exercise, choreography and movement, involve exercises to increase the cardiovascular system, flexibility, balance, coordination, muscle toning, high intensity training and endurance
  • I understand that all classes allow for an appropriate warm up, cool down, and stretch period
  • I acknowledge that I am in control of my pace and if needed I can choose to perform shown modifications for more challenging moves
  • I accept that it is my responsibility to keep hydrated during the class
  • I accept that I must wear the correct attire for my chosen class and ensure the space around me is safe and secure
  • I acknowledge that I must stop immediately, notify another household member or seek medical attention if I become unwell during a class
  • I understand that videos are only show once for Pay As You Go and are unlimited for the All Access Pass
  • I accept that it is my responsibility to manage my payment option
  • I understand that payment options are not extended or refunded for non-use, holidays, sickness, or connection issues
  • I understand that I can cancel my subscription at any time
  • I understand that I will receive an email to advise my subscription is due for renewal and I have the choice to continue or cancel
  • I understand that videos are on demand and cannot be downloaded to watch later
  • I hereby affirm that I am in good physical condition and do not suffer from any known condition which would prevent or limit my participation in any LW Dance online class
  • I acknowledge that my present and subsequent participation is purely voluntary and in no way mandated by LW Dance
  • In consideration of my voluntary participation in online classes with LW Dance, I hereby release LW Dance and its Instructors from any claims, demands and causes of action