Teaching dance, acting and singing is our passion! We feel very privileged teaching our LWD children and giving them the opportunity to learn and express themselves through the Arts. We offer a varied timetable (available from Miss Louise) of classes every Friday and Saturday, term time only at The Centre Mawsley. There are exam and performance opportunities with our yearly LWD showcases.

Kids Classes

Lyrical Jazz

Lyrical Jazz is a style of dance created from the fusion of Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dance techniques. It combines many technical elements of Classical Ballet with the freedom, fluidity, and expressiveness of Jazz, Contemporary and Modern Dance.

The class starts with a warm up and then transitions into technique work including many ballet inspired exercises, various turns, rolls, small jumps leaps and kicks. The choreography is heavily guided by the music and the lyrics. Options will be given for all levels, the most important thing is to allow our students to express themselves throughout class. Each term students will learn a new piece of choreography, giving them the opportunity to develop their versatility, technique and repertoire.

We facilitate a happy and fun environment for children to enjoy dance and express themselves. As a parent I acknowledge the importance of you knowing what activities your child engages in. Parents are always invited to our ‘Watching Week’ at the end of term and are welcome to stay for the first session.

For all classes parents are expected to drop off and collect. Please speak with me for our uniform requirements.

We look forward to meeting you and having the pleasure of teaching your child.

Miss Louise & The LWD Teaching Team

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