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CFM is a high intensity dance fitness class, where upbeat clubbing tunes meet a high energy HIIT dance workout! It will get your heart pumping, give you a full body workout and leave you feeling euphoric, aka sweaty mess! The music will motivate you to push yourself and work it and guaranteed you will leave the class on a high.

The class consists of a warm up, followed by a number of pulse raising tracks getting you ready for a serious focus on those legs, upper body and core, ending with pure cardio tracks and a cool down and stretch….. and breathe!

All the club classics and current chart bangers progress in speed, building to the serious heart pumping tracks towards the end. As with all our LWD classes there are options to reduce intensity or take the demonstrated modifications…. so no excuses!

If you want to have a serious workout, then this is the class for you!

All abilities, sizes and ages (16+) are welcome.


Louise xx

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