£6.50 per class / termly pay

BARRE Fitness

Looking to increase your flexibility, build your core strength, tone up and have some me time then this is the class for you!

Barre Fitness is a creative 1-hour workout, combining elements of Ballet, Contemporary Dance technique and Pilates-inspired movement. A typical class incorporates barre, centre and floor work and various static and dynamic stretches to increase your flexibility. Guaranteed you will leave this class feeling more open and invigorated.

This unique programme is designed to sculpt, tone and build core strength through repetition, isolation work, static holds and executing a full range of muscular contractions, aka feel the burn! Equipment such as bands and weights are used to increase your cardio workout and stretching at the end of the class.

Leggings and a well-fitting top are ideal clothing so that your instructor can see your alignment and posture throughout the class. You may wear grip socks or ballet pumps on your feet. 

A static and portable Ballet Barre is used for this class.

You do not need to be a ballet dancer to do this class. All abilities and ages (16+)  are welcome, as with all our classes there are options to modify for more challenging moves and stretches.

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